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The Religious Lie that Shifted Reality !

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 26, 2010

Feb.12, 2010

This story is about the Anunnaki. And I suggest all of you get use to that name, because you’re going to be hearing it a lot from all around the world, in the not to distant future.

My research comes from many different sources, but it all started from the Sumerian clay tablets themselves, ( translated to English ). Now, where to begin?

The Ancient Sumerians call the Anunnaki gods and they feared them very much and with good reason. The name Anunnaki translates , those who came from heaven to earth, and they are a super race of beings.

Notice I said,( they are..), because they were then and still are to this very day as they still exist, seen only by a select few. You may not know who these select few are, but you do know them by the name Illuminati or The Powers That Be or even as the Global Masters of all things money!

These so called masters of us and our world, have masters over them that they have to answer to, and those masters are called the Anunnaki. Anyway, these Anunnaki were and still are a super race of beings. They are part reptilian and part human who stand twelve to fifteen feet tall.

Despite their evolution into this super race that they had become, they were also a cannibalistic and conquering race. They demanded sacrifices from all those they conquered.

Not just from the humans but also from they own kind of which they were known to enslave for whatever reasons. The Sumerians, (one of the first recorded civilizations ), once thrived in the territory we now know as Persia.

And this is where the religious lie that caused a shift in reality back then, begins! The Anunnaki studied primitive humans in those days and noticed a certain form of spiritual ritual with them, which gave them an idea for total control over these people.

Had the Anunnaki not intervened, the human race may very well have evolved into a very special and different kind of people than we are today. ( Now let me make this clear before I go on! There is a GOD. The one true God of all things. These Anunnaki are not God, nor are they angels!)

After observing the humans, the Anunnaki wrote most if not all of the old testament. A lot of people believe that the old testament was written by the Hebrews and that those very words formed their Torah.

I already know that I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for this and I really don’t mean to step on anyone’s beliefs, Jewish, Christian or otherwise. But the truth is, that those very words and stories can be traced straight back to the Sumerians, who lived two to four thousand years before the Hebrews ever came into existence.

Now you see how that religious lie shifted reality to what it has become today. A world of religious powers all lacking true Spiritual Ascension ! ~ Xaniel777

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