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Reality Shift of the ET Invasion Disclosure – Time To Wake Up

Posted by Xaniel777 on April 14, 2014

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower:

ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know


FROM EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe

Sunday, 13 April 2014



VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, cosmologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, affirmed that an Extraterrestrial invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know. 

Reiterating her statement before the World Symposium in San Marino, Mr. Eisenhower stated, “There has been a massive cover up in regards to ET contact with our governments and there has been much secrecy in regards to those who have been either abducted or contacted – this is because an invasion has already taken place and they don’t want us to know this.

This invasion has infiltrated every sector of our society, in disguise to most, but blatantly obvious to many.

When we look at Whistleblower testimony – it is clear that some sort of deal was made with a group of ET’s and from what I have discovered, this began long before Ike [former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mr. Eisenhower's great-grandfather] ever stepped into office.”

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower’s official statement at San Marino is set out below.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: Disclosure
March 30, 2014
Official Statement by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower



As presented at the 22nd WORLD SYMPOSIUM ON UFOs AND RELATED PHENOMENA; Extraterrestrials and World Politics (the Italian equivalent of the Citizen’s Disclosure Hearings).
Republic of San Marino.
© 2014 Laura Magdalene Eisenhower /

All rights reserved. May be posted in it’s entirety, complete with copyright and links.

Source: http://cosmicgaiasophia.com/LauraEisenhower033014Disclosure.pdf

For starters, I would like to share a quote from my Great Grandfather President Eisenhower from his farewell address to the Nation on January 17, 1961 ~

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military– industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

Being a descendant of Dwight David Eisenhower opened me up to everything that had to do with what his famous speech warned us about – that being the Military Industrial Complex. It also helped me to see the responsibility we each have as citizens, to be alert and knowledgeable and to express our peaceful methods and goals. Many of us were born with solutions and its time that our voices were heard. No one is addressing our concerns and our children currently have no real future, but to live in an enslaved society.

After seeing so many rumors throughout my life in regards to Eisenhower and meetings with Extraterrestrials, I began to investigate the subject and then discovered that my path was leading me into more than just research and information, but actual events that made it clear that these were not just rumors.

None of what I share comes from anything I got from other family members; I stand with my views, experiences, theories and facts independently.

The creation of Contact Protocols in case of an open contact with Extraterrestrials is extremely important. But the awareness of possible alien contact scenarios is important as well. There has been a massive cover up in regards to ET contact with our governments and there has been much secrecy in regards to those who have been either abducted or contacted – this is because an invasion has already taken place and they don’t want us to know this.

This invasion has infiltrated every sector of our society, in disguise to most, but blatantly obvious to many. When we look at Whistleblower testimony – it is clear that some sort of deal
was made with a group of ET’s and from what I have discovered, this began long before Ike ever stepped into office.

I have researched, experienced and investigated Exopolitics, remote viewing, channeling, purported ET races and Galactic History and have been on a Mission that goes into this deeper energy terrain, ever since I was a child. I also do session work with people that have experienced contact and have gone through abductions so there is no question or doubt in my mind about whether or not ET’s are interacting with humanity.

Perhaps some of the pieces of my jig saw puzzle might be wrong or false, but many are surely trustworthy. Besides, as I shall tell you later, in 2006 I was recruited to go off planet to Mars, which is tied into the secret Treaties which I will discuss in this paper – this agenda is called Alternative 3.

Sad Realities
We cannot deny Weather modification and the spraying of our skies. If this is something that people struggle with believing, please research the work of Dane Wiggington, who is an expert in this field and also Scott Stevens – a former meteorologist. Really, all you need to do is look up at the sky to know that something is very wrong.

We are also dealing with the Fukushima disaster, Geoengineering, Genetically Modified foods, false flags in the news, media control, Mind-control, possible fake alien invasion scenarios, possible fake ascended masters and the threatening controlled collapse of the Economy, Martial law, FEMA camps and the chipping of civilians.

For people hearing this for the first time, it pains me to share this, but I have to because I know things could greatly shift, if you knew this all to be true. If you decide it is inaccurate than I accept that, I just ask that you San Marino; Disclosure have an open mind and from there, do all you can to learn more and help us to make this world a better place.

All these are not conspiracy theories, but a sad reality behind which a world Secret Government is operating. A Shadow Government who has its hands on extraterrestrial technology. This has all been carefully planned and set up, as a massive infiltration into the areas that are trying to solve these issues and protect us.

An Ex M-16 operative whistleblower states that the Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex [MIEC] is currently using a “Tablets of Destiny” supercomputer system that includes the HAARP-aerosol/chemtrails and Artificial Intelligence mind control system to attempt planetary ecocide and  genocide. He states that the Pleiadian fleet is here to liberate humanity and will be successful.

Those responsible and those who are involved have to be held accountable or assisted in breaking free of the controls that are blackmailing them into doing this. With so many accounts of trauma-based mind-control, many involved are not even fully in possession of themselves. If this is hard to believe, please research stories like that of Cathy O’Brien, Duncan O’Fineoan and Arizona Wilder, among many others.

We are challenged as a humanity in fully understanding the difference between who is here to help and who isn’t, but that can only come through discernment and educating ourselves about our Galactic History and through bringing hidden truths out into the open. We also must develop ourselves spiritually, so that we are not limiting or blocking ourselves from expanding into higher Earth energies.

This is not about New Agey or religious belief systems, it is more about the recognition of integrity, our need for unification and taking care of our planet and respecting other life forms. We need to do what is right for ourselves and for future generations and not put money or fear first.

We need to see all beings as extensions of ourselves and it is up to us to align with what will serve the highest good of humanity and the planet. Surely there is no concrete evidence for all the elements I am going to present. On the other hand, in spite of this, they really show a possible “secret history” we have to face and consider.

When We First Hear About Treaties
For the most part, when we hear about relations with ET and our governments, we only hear about Eisenhower. For instance, as Dr. Pinotti and CUN documented in 2000, today we know that UFOs were reported in Italy during the Thirties and that Mussolini — considering them a new foreign aerial weapon, he created in 1933 an official committee headed by Guglielmo Marconi – “Gabinetto RS 33” – with the purpose of reverse engineering studies after a UFO crash in Lombardy and the recovering of two Nordic-type pilots (II Duce) considered German pilots. These Italian studies were later inherited by Nazi Germany.

In any case, in the USA the above mentioned Treaties did not originate with Eisenhower and although I have numerous people to mention who validate this, I am only going to list a few. According to Jason Bishop III, a Dulce Base Whistleblower, “The U.S. Government in 1933, agreed to trade animals and humans in exchange for High Tech Knowledge, and allow them to use underground bases that we would not disturb, in the Western USA”.

According to a whistleblower and ex-operative of M-16, the first treaty between the Grey extraterrestrials (reptilian-like beings from the Draco star system) and the American Government under the administration of Roosevelt, was signed in July, 1934. It was the so-called “Grenada Treaty”. The treaty stated that in return for the Greys providing high technology, the US federal government would allow the Greys to proceed unhindered with human abductions for use in an ongoing ET genetic programs.

This occurred after refusing the help of the Pleiadians who wanted eventual military disarmament. He also said that after the US government refused to work with the Pleiadians, they approached Hitler and the Nazis instead. The Pleiadians worked out a treaty with Hitler and the Nazis that in exchange for technology the Nazis would not attack the Jewish people.

The Nazis developed their advanced saucer-shaped aircraft from the Pleiadian technology. Though Greys are well-known in abduction cases, ufologists have no reports of such events, as well as of close encounters of the third kind with reptilian entities. But this whistleblower is not the first to make such claims.

Reports confirmed by contactee Billy Meier stated that space-time technology was exchanged by a certain race of Pleiadians with Hitler’s Germany during 1933 to 1934, seemingly through a group of Nazi channelers: the psychic women called ‘Vrilerinnen’ and headed by Maria Orsich.

Billy Meijer and the ex-operative both said that by 1941, the Pleiadians pulled out of the treaty and would no longer deal with Hitler and Nazis. It was at this time that the Greys approached them, and this is where the Nazi
trauma-based mind control technology came from.

According to the ex-operative of M-16, the Treaties are renewed every 10 years… If these statements are true, this is what the backdrop is, which potently validates the meetings with ET’s that took place in the Eisenhower administration in 1954.

Our government, during the Roosevelt administration, seemingly got secret technologies that weren’t about mind control, like what the Nazis received, but were anti-gravity devices, metals and alloys, free energy, and medical technology and this was in exchange for allowing the Greys to infiltrate human societies on different levels, which also included the possibility of cloning certain World leaders. So now we see that both sides have been influenced by these Greys.

Infiltration Continues
It seems infiltration has been a factor since the 2nd World War and the War just changed into something else, but was never won. During Truman’s time in the presidency, handling the ET problem was a task that the President could not alone manage.

Many crashes seem to have taken place before Roswell in 1947, and this was stored at today’s Area 51 where many tests, crafts, ET autopsies and experiments have been and are still being conducted. Extra-Terrestrials are also said to occupy this base along with others, like scientists and military personnel. Morgan Martell discusses on his website about Project Paperclip ~

In 1946, President Truman authorized Project Paperclip. One purpose of Operation Paperclip was to deny German scientific expertise and knowledge to the Soviet Union and United Kingdom as well as inhibit post-war Germany from redeveloping its military research capabilities.

One of the fields that Nazi doctors and psychologists had made advances in, was that of social and behavioral engineering in humans, also known as mind control.

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) had already been active with Operation Paperclip for over 3 months before Truman gave the order, and many Nazi party members had already entered the United States. So the OSS resorted to whitewashing the histories of Nazis or sometimes even creating entirely new identities which made it easy for them to spread their influence in America.

It has been said by the Whistleblower of M-16, that the CIA was created almost two years after this and the American National Security act of 1947, to handle the massive number of mind-control, cloning, and other covert projects that were born from Paperclip. Normal laws do not apply to them, so they can get away with all sorts of things.

All of this has turned most defense related projects and technologies, into weapons used to control us. MJ-12 (Majestic Twelve) was also created, as a group dealing in ET investigations. This was also the year of the Roswell crash and where the Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities (EBE’s) came into the picture, that helped us to make contact with their race.

Alternatives 1,2, 3 and Mars
When President Eisenhower was in office, he commissioned a secret society known as THE JASON SOCIETY (JASON SCHOLARS) in 1955, which is considered to be a branch of Majestic-12, that Truman established while in office. The Jason Scholars was created to sift through all the facts, evidence, technology, lies and deception and find the truth of the alien question.

Alternatives 1, 2 and 3 are three agendas recommended by JASON Society scholars and are related to different scenarios to prevent a possible future Doomsday that is more than likely induced and not natural, but this was not known back then by many because they surely would not go along with it and I believe that this is a part of the warning Ike gave us.

The first Alternative is about the use of nuclear devices to blast holes in the stratosphere from which heat and pollution could escape into space, the second aims at building a network of underground cities and tunnels in which mankind’s selected élite could survive, and the third deals with a secret space colonization program on Mars with the same purpose.

I was recruited to go to Mars in 2006, but declined, because I believe the power of the human Spirit, our connection to this Earth and our unification as a race is going to carry us through, and so will our connection with our own higher consciousness and higher dimensional ET races and their advanced technologies that are in harmony with Nature.

San Marino; Disclosure

© 2014 Laura Magdalene Eisenhower /
All rights reserved. May be posted in it’s entirety, complete with copyright and links.




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The Reality Shift of ” WAKE UP ALREADY ! ”

Posted by Xaniel777 on January 5, 2014

(Xaniel’s Note: This is an Incredible piece by Jon. I resonate with  it and wanted to share with everyone who is still struggling to wake up!~~Xaniel777)

Technocracy is failed mind control

by Jon Rappoport

December 3, 2013


Whether we know it or not, like it or not, want it or not, we are engaged in a struggle, and that struggle concerns the human spirit—understanding it, experiencing it, defending it against attacks.

The spirit isn’t some vague ghost or apparition. It’s front and center, even in this blind world. It animates action. It has great power. It defies reduction.

The spirit proliferates thought and vision. It doesn’t settle for simplistic harmonies that short-circuit its inventions. It isn’t a happy-happy rainbow. It isn’t a child’s fairy tale.

In articles about my collection, The Matrix Revealed, I’ve stressed, over and over, that human thought originates in a non-material sphere. A sphere outside conventional energy and space and time.

That means the brain isn’t thinking. It’s performing calculations directed by ideas that are far more than chemical/biological reflexes.

Technocracy and its utopian fantasies provide a perfect negative example.

Addled researchers look forward to the day when your brain, connected to a massive computer that is “a super brain,” will have instant access to so much information it will ascend to a new level of knowledge and power…and then Greater Reality will emerge.

But on what assumptions is this fantasy based?

First, you can “download” information from the super brain. You can perceive it all and somehow incorporate it. Translation: the super brain will impose itself on you. This is called mind control, plain and simple.

You’ll be able to “think with the super brain,” which directs your thought patterns and your conclusions. Again, mind control.

The super brain is like a very, very wise parent who gives you “best information and best conclusions.” You will obey, because the parent is right, correct, and is looking out for your best interests.

As if that isn’t enough, you’ll also be able “gain new insights,” because your brain and the super brain (computer) are in sync. But none of this really involves active thought, because what the two brains are doing is automatic.

So insights, whatever they may consist of, are programmed into you. If that sounds like freedom, Pavlov was Thomas Paine.

Brain activity on any level, whether biological or chemical or machine, isn’t about freedom. It’s about carrying out directives that originate in free choice.

Actual thought is based in freedom. You think, which is to say, you make inquiries and decisions and conclusions outside the automatic venue of chemical and biological activity. You do that.

You aren’t your brain.

If you were your brain, freedom wouldn’t exist and we could all pack it up and go home and forget about life and the future.

Therefore, no super brain computer is going to supply you with freedom. It’s going to enforce automatic reflexes based on somebody’s algorithms.

How did we get into this mess? The answer is simple. We forgot about what freedom is. For decades, we’ve taken it for granted. We’ve overlooked the study of freedom and its implications.

If you develop a vision about the future you want, that’s thought taking place in a sphere outside the automatic chemical/ biological reflexes and processes of the brain. That’s you thinking, freely.

Technocracy is all about “best answer.” It’s a fairy tale in which all humans go along with a master plan.

And as for the nuts and bolts…do you really believe that if you have access to a program that teaches a foreign language, you’ll instantly be able to speak in that language?

If the super brain gives you a one-second blast of information about automotive repair, do you really think you’ll be able to open the hood of your car and fix it?

Do you really believe you’ll be able to plug into a reservoir of data about playing the piano and immediately sit down and roll out Chopin and Beethoven?

Take chess. We’ve already seen that big computers can defeat human chess champions. Does that mean you can plug into the computer’s programs and become Bobby Fisher? Having access and actually doing something with that access are two very different things.

Doing something means you are making choices and decisions, freely. It doesn’t mean you’re submitting to a mechanical pattern.

The Matrix Revealed

Technocracy is the latest piece of insanity derived from the notion that you can have everything you want handed to you on a silver platter. I have news. At bottom, people don’t want that silver platter. They want the fruits of their own efforts. They want the joy that comes from those efforts and freely made choices.

Technocracy is the latest effort to explain “the genius mystery.” It offers the lunatic notion that genius is a mere program that can be loaded into a brain.

That’s called a metaphor, but it’s being taken seriously as a literal explanation.

Talent, achievement, and creative imagination are far more interesting and marvelous than programs. They originate in non-material spaces where the individual invents thought and energy.

The Matrix is the sum total of efforts to deny and bury that fact.

This is why I do the work I do.

Back in the late 1980s, when I met a brilliant hypnotherapist named Jack True, I changed my focus. Jack told me a simple thing: “I stopped doing hypnosis because I realized new patients who were walking into my office were already hypnotized.”

He didn’t mean they were in a zombie-like trance. He meant that their ceaseless activity covered a core place in their consciousness that was asleep.

In this core, people are submitting to a program about how to perceive reality. This complex program is devised to hide their basic non-material power to change reality, to invent new reality on a radical scale.

Because that is how the projection of mass reality is achieved: by spreading amnesia about the capacity of every individual human to create without limit.

Technocracy is a mirror of that amnesia.

Technocracy is a surrender to that amnesia. It’s a blockbuster movie loaded with special effects that hide its paucity of real ideas. It’s lack of free thought parading as advanced thinking. It’s simplistic plot operating like junk food—pleasant impact followed by vacuum and blank stare.

“Before you can figure out all the lies, we’ll have you trapped in a new system.”

That’s the challenge hurled at us. How we respond will decide the future of life on planet Earth.

Our response depends on our understanding and conviction about what we are. Free and intensely creative beings, or sub-machines connected to the Big Machine.


Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails awww.nomorefakenews.com




How To Utilize Your Unlimited Power- By Dr. Wayne Dyer (Law of Attraction) 

Posted by:  YouAreCreators

Published on Dec 30, 2013

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Dr. Wayne Dyer Has influenced me so much on my path to a better life. I hope your enjoy. Purchase Wayne’s books here! : http://www.amazon.com/Wayne-W.-Dyer/e/B000AQ104Y




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The Reality Shift of ‘ WHO YOU TRULY ARE ‘

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 19, 2013

The Greatest Secret of Man-kind…WE…ARE…GODS!

XANIELS NOTE : ( Allow me to point out once again as I have many times before, I do not see us as Gods as I believe there is only ONE TRUE GOD: The God of all things, The Mother and Father God, as they are the two sides of the same coin !

Although I do believe we are all co-creators, I would not call us Gods. I would call us the Sons and Daughters of God who share the ability to create and at best we are Demi-Gods, if I may be so bold.



Posted by YouAreCreators

Published on May 23, 2013

Join our fast growing Law of Attraction Community at http://www.forum.insideabundance.com/… …Tell us YOUR story! 

Dr. Wayne Dyer explains the greatest secret known to man… That we are apart of God and God is APART OF US! We truly are GODS… Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”‘? .John 10:34






Life is infinite

Life is infinite, everywhere in the universe is swarming with life. Not only in this universe, but also in the trillions of other universes, that together make up the cosmos. Whatever you can think of exists. From planets that still have dinosaurs living on them, to human civilisations that are so highly evolved that they don’t even need a body or planet anymore, and just move through infinity as a group consciousness.

The Creator

XANIEL’S NOTE : ( I personally do not believe this next one, as I believe there is only ONE TRUE GOD: The God of all things, Mother and Father God, as they are the two sides of the same coin ! Although I do believe we are all co-creators, I would not call us Gods. I would call us the Sons and Daughters of God who share the ability to create.)~~~Xaniel777

Everything is created by the Creator, who is not the same as God. There are several Gods, at least one for each universe. You could say that a God is the manager of a universe, who together with the Creator has created that universe and looks after it. Each universe has its own laws of nature, universal laws and rules. Universal laws are divine laws that always apply. Universal rules, however, are agreed upon by the inhabitants. Some important universal laws are the Law of Attraction, the Law of Grace and the Law of Harmony. Furthermore, our universe is characterized by the Law of Free Will, which means that everyone can do what they want.

An important universal rule is the Law of Non-Interference. This rule means that a higher civilisation does not interfere with the evolution of a lower one, unless this is necessary or an order by God. That’s why alien visitors don’t land on Earth en masse to introduce themselves to us. Their ships however are spotted regularly by amateur filmers and pilots among others, because we receive ongoing visits.


Our planet contains many traces of visitors of “high descent” in the form of bonesartifacts, landscape decorations, crop circles and pyramids. The first alien visitors landed millions of years ago on our planet, and since then they have been coming and going. The current world civilisation is the third that has ever existed. From the first, named Hybornea, little is known. But about the second, that included Lemuria and Atlantis, numerous books have been written and many people still remember things from past lifetimes.

The Soul

A soul goes through hundreds, sometimes even thousands of lifetimes during its evolution. The purpose of each lifetime is to experience new aspects of life, and to learn lessons from it. After each lifetime the soul returns to heaven, where the life is evaluated. Then it decides what lessons still need to be learned in a next lifetime. These can be very simple lessons, but still some souls take many lifetimes to learn them. For example: share what you have as much as possible with others. Once a soul has learned enough, it moves on to a higher dimension, to evolve further. So on and so on, until eventually it becomes one again with the source, the Creator. Each planet has its own heaven. Ours is called Nirvana by the inhabitants themselves.

Whenever a soul reincarnates, it goes through a “veil of forgetfulness”. It doesn’t remember anything previous until it returns to heaven again. Everyone has a guardian angel and accompanying guides, that protect them and help them as much as possible with their evolution. This does not usually happen as plain as day, but through subtle inspiration, feelings, and opportunities that are created.


Our heaven is in the fourth dimension, near the Earth, which is now still in the third dimension. By dimension we don’t mean the dimensions that are usually used on Earth (length, width, depth etc.) but the density, or the frequency at which the energy vibrates. The higher the dimension, the higher the vibration and the lighter everything is. By universal standards the third dimension is primitive and heavy. There are more than ten dimensions. Things do not have a soul like humans and animals, but they do have consciousness. Stars, oceans and grains of sand know just as well what they are as you and I. That is because all matter is just energy that vibrates on a certain frequency, and full consciousness exists in energy. Even all thoughts, intentions and emotions from everyone are known.

The fact that we humans do not know these sorts of things, is because there is a brain involved. A brain begins at zero at the start of a new life, and therefore has to learn everything by itself. So actually we would be ‘better’ off without a brain. But then we would be all-knowing, and that’s not the intention of a Creator who wants to keep experiencing itself time and again.


The energy that forms the basis of all matter, is the energy of light. Light is the same energy as love, in a somewhat different form. So ultimately everything is made up of nothing else but love, and that’s because everything is part of the Creator, who is pure love. In this way the Creator experiences itself in an endless variety of forms, vibrations, scents and colours. That is why the “Law of One” is such an important Universal Law. It means that, although everything seems separate from each other, in reality everything is connected with each other and is really One.

Everything in the universe originated from an idea (what we call the Big Bang) and evolves in such a way that eventually, after billions of years, it will all become one again with the Source. After a period of rest, a new cycle will start.


All life moves in cycles of different lengths. Some last a few thousand years, others millions of years. Just like the four seasons on Earth, each cycle has its own character. What’s extraordinary about the time that we are living in now, is that there are multiple cycles drawing to an end at the same time. That is going to happen on the 21st of December 2012, as the famous Mayan calendar is also showing us. On this date the age of Aquarius begins, which has to do with the position of the Earth’s axis in relation to the constellations of Pisces and Aquarius. The different character of the new cycle is caused by energies that are emitted by the central sun of the universe, which contain the blueprint of all life.


These energies have been reaching the Earth for some time now and are making sure that the consciousness of life on our planet is being raised. This causes more and more people to discover the truth about all kinds of matters that can also be found on this site, in other words to wake up. This translates into protests against “the system” all over the world and an enormous growth in spiritual sites on the web, among other things. This influx of energies reached a peak by the end of 2012, which will make the Earth move into the fourth dimension at some point in the near future. This transition takes place all over the universe and is an important event, because a lot of things will change in the next cycle. For the Earth it means that a cycle of duality (good and bad within one society) comes to an end and an harmonious era begins, that for most part will take place in the fifth dimension. This transition is called Ascension.

Our Earth is a living being with a soul, just like us. What makes the coming Ascension extra special, is that Mother Earth has chosen a unique variant. Usually a transition to another cycle/dimension is coupled with a cleansing of the planet, in the form of devastating natural disasters, so that little remains of the old world and a fresh start can be made. But the Earth has chosen to go from the third to the fifth dimension with her inhabitants on it.


Ascending with a whole civilisation at once is a complex matter. The inhabitants have to go through a lot of changes, both physically and spiritually, to prosper in the higher dimensions. With this we get the help of highly evolved extraterrestrial civilisations. To respect the Law of Non-Interference as much as possible, an ingenious plan was prepared, that provided for many souls without karma (for example souls that originate directly from the Source, angels, souls from higher civilisations and higher dimensions etc.) to incarnate on Earth. Their job was to spread the light here, in the form of love and knowledge. This is how the collective consciousness is being raised, and since the collective consciousness creates our reality, a situation is being created in which Ascension becomes possible for plenty of people.

All these ‘pure’ souls heeded a universal call from God. They offered themselves as volunteers, out of love for Mother Earth and for their own spiritual evolution. Many of these souls had regrets once they experienced physically (having a physical body was new to many of these souls!) what kind of a harsh and slow world they had incarnated into. Some have dropped out, but most have persevered, so the Ascension process is now in full swing.


The alien civilisations that came to help us with this, through the adjustment of our DNA, the restraining of natural disasters, the offering of knowledge and the containment of the militant elite, are united in a kind of United Nations of space. This organization is called the Galactic Federation of Light. Not only are these nations spiritually far ahead of us, allowing them, for example, to only communicate telepathically and to create things purely through the strength of their thoughts, but also technologically. They can do things our scientists can only dream about, although the black ops circuit (secret projects from our governments) already work with some of these techniques on a lower level. This concerns matters like (de)materialisinginterdimensional traveling through which space traveling and time traveling also become possible, anti-gravity-techniquesliving robots and living lightships, full control over energy through which, for example, food or propulsion can be created from air etc.

However, the Divine Plan for Ascension was not the only reason for the intervention from aliens with our civilisation in the past decades. It was also necessary to save our planet from an early death. If it was up to our rulers, we would not have even made it to the year 2012. The Earth has always been monitored from a distance by the Galactic Federation to let our civilisation evolve in all peace and quiet (well…). But halfway through the last century their attention on us strongly increased. That was when they, just like Mother Earth herself, were shocked by the speed at which mankind was busy destroying the planet. Especially the dropping of the two nuclear bombs on Japan by the Americans, sent a shockwave through the entire Milky Way. But also the plundering, polluting and wrecking of the planet through warfare, oil recovery, deforestation and industrialisation, made the Earth realise that without help she wouldn’t survive.

God heard her call for help, and by decree gave permission to higher civilisations to help us in a way that would least disturb our natural evolution. The civilisations that are now the most active participants in the execution of this decree, are mostly those that are closest to us, both in distance and in descent (and therefore appearance). They come from planets and moons around stars like ArcturusSirius and the Pleiades. About 40% of the Galactic Federation is human, the rest consists of other races and light beings.

The Earth

The Earth is also being called “Terra”, “Gaia” or (especially in the past) “Shan” in the universe, and is one of the most beautiful planets that exist. She is much older than most terrestrial scientists think, because she also knew a gas phase of hundreds of billions of years.

The Earth is just like most other planets and moons, hollow on the inside. The Earth’s crust is about 700 miles thick, and the gravity is in this crust. There are some tunnels that lead from the outside of the Earth to the inside. On both poles there’s also a hundreds of miles big, round opening in the crust, that is visible on satellite photographs (that are never released to the public). Most planets, like for example Venus and Saturn, are being inhabited on the inside. Our planet too. In the interior of the Earth lives a highly evolved civilisation, called Agartha. This ancient nation is in contact with alien civilisations and lives completely in harmony with nature. Many animal species that have been extinct for a long time on the surface are still living there, like mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers.

The Agartha-network is a melting pot of civilisations and different kinds of beings, including more than a hundred satellite cities that are located in the Earth’s crust. Among them are cities that were founded by ancient civilisations that were first living on the surface, like Atlantis and Lemuria. There are species of humans living there that are much taller than our kind, up to 12 feet tall. The Agarthans also live much longer than we do, and can live to be more than 10,000 years old.

Earth spinning

The Earth has vastly increased in size in the past 200 million years. This is because of the centrifugal force of the fast rotation. In the past she only had a quarter of her current size, and she is still growing a few inches a year. Because of this, gravity used to be less in the past and this enabled very large dinosaurs to walk around, who now would unquestionably suffer from bone fractures, heart problems and muscle tears with swift movements.

Earth’s population (on the outside) is being looked upon with a mixture of astonishment and incomprehension by alien civilisations and our ‘inside neighbours’. On the one hand we are capable of beautiful things, like artists, musicians and craftsmen of all sorts are showing. But on the other hand we can be extremely cruel and careless, even against our own kind! We are the only civilisation where money has got so much power, and where free energy still hasn’t penetrated into civil society. The latter is not our fault, because many inventors like Nikola Tesla, who wanted to introduce perfectly functioning zero point-devices, were silenced by the rulers on Earth.

In the universe many species of humans exist in countless colours. Our kind, homo sapiens, is the result of genetic experiments by negative alien visitors with indigenous people over 200,000 years ago. Because we have been the direct object of so much genetic tampering by alien visitors throughout history, we now have the DNA of more than 20 alien species in us. Not only from humanoid aliens, but also from so called “Grey aliens”reptiliansfelines and other sorts. Because of this, our DNA is now regarded as ‘royal’.


The working of DNA is barely comprehended by our regular science. DNA communicates constantly with all forms of energy around us. On the one hand DNA dictates energy, through which it gives shape to matter. On the other hand a DNA-string is sensitive to the energy of its environment. So by radiating positive energy, you can make yourself and everything in your environment happier and healthier. DNA has a direct influence on the collective consciousness, and as mentioned earlier, our collective consciousness creates our reality. All matter is light-energy that vibrates on a certain frequency. Full consciousness exists in this energy and that’s how matter can be influenced by DNA or the human brain for example. Something that we see as solid matter, like a stone, is in reality light-energy with a certain vibration. Because of this it seems to scientists that after molecules, atoms, electrons and even smaller particles, ‘nothing’ remains, but that ‘nothing’ is light.

Actually you could say that: matter = energy = light = love = consciousness = souls = God = everything. Hence the Law of One! :)

You can look at the collective consciousness as a field that surrounds the planet, and in which everything is known. It is the sum of all human energy on the planet, like thoughts, intentions, knowledge and emotions. It creates the world that fits with it. It can be influenced by consciously creating thoughts and feelings.

All these matters are a piece of cake for higher civilisations. That this is not the case on Earth, is for the most part to blame on the elite.


When hearing the word ‘elite’ most people think of a group of rich people who entertain themselves with fancy parties and horse racing, but it is something entirely different. The real elite, at least the part that calls itself the illuminati (“the enlightened”) , consists of a core of 13 immensely rich, zionist families. They have names like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Bruce, De Medici, Windsor etc. They are supported by 300 other families, often with well known names like Bush, Ford, Roosevelt, Agnelli, Kuhn, Loeb, Montgomery, Morgan, Schiff etc. Surrounding them are a whole lot of people who have a lust for power like Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet etc. Together they practically control all the power and money in the world. They run countless organisations and orders, like the Vatican, the United Nations, the World Bank, the NSA, the CIA, NASA, Bilderberg, Thule, Skull & Bones and many others.

For hundreds of years the illuminati have been working on a secret agenda that will bring them in small steps to a so called “New World Order”. They don’t have any respect for human life and are corrupt to the bone. The bloodlines of these families go back to Babylonian times and they keep these lines as pure as possible by continuously marrying among themselves. They also form the top of the most powerful organisation in the world, the Freemasonry.


Their origin is not human, but alien. Over 4,000 years ago a group of reptilians started with their plan to conquer the Earth unseen. There are also peaceful reptilian civilisations in the universe, but these were negative ones. This draconian race sees humans only as food and to take their sexual lusts out on. They are living in the third and in the fourth dimension. The energy that a human being radiates when in fear, is considered a delicacy by them. They are mentally and physically enormously powerful beings that also exist in all sorts of hybrid (human/reptilian) forms. Often they know the art of shapeshifting and carry both a human and reptilian DNA package which they can switch between. They are the most negative beings in this universe, judging from human standards they are intensely evil and unscrupulous.

Their actions are mostly kept from our eyes because they generally hide themselves deep in underground cities (that are not part of the Agartha-network!). Although reptilians can get to be thousands of years old, the purest reptilians have disappeared from the Earth by now. That’s because of the increasing vibration of our planet in the run up to Ascension which beings with a low vibration like them can’t handle. However, there are still hybrids and other negative aliens left, like the Greys.

September 11

Whoever studies the deeds of the illuminati through the years, gets the feeling that indeed it can’t be human what’s behind them. Their works include the creating of world wars and “terrorist” attacks like September 11, the sickening of the population through chemtrailspoisonous medicines and carcinogenic food like McDonald’s and KFC, the organising of occult gatherings, manhunts, blood rituals and sex orgies full of child abuse, the murdering of good willing politicians and even pop artists. Almost all bad things that have happened in the history of the world, can ultimately be ascribed to the account of this group.The influence from the negative aliens may have decreased, but the power system that they have put in place on Earth, is still standing. It is maintained by millions of employees, from secret services to multinationals, who are willing to do everything to prevent the truth from coming out.


Now, what is the miraculous thing about all of this? That everything has been planned this way. The Earth was meant to serve as a prison planet in this cycle, a planet that was in quarantine from the civilisations around us. A place where all sorts of negative karma could be dissolved, where negative souls were sent, to remove their trouble and where other souls could experience duality, because a soul learns a lot from that. So, to a certain extent all these dark powers were allowed to go ahead, until the cycle of Pisces was over.

And that moment is almost here, because soon the Golden Era will begin. It will be a time of love and harmony, and full consciousness. Contact with other galactic civilisations and spirits, from deceased loved ones for example, will be very common, as will visits to Agartha or planets far outside our solar system. Until that time the illuminati will do everything to prevent these changes, but this will be in vain, because universal cycles can not be stopped by anybody. They are the will of God…and will be done.




How to decalcify the Pineal Gland?

XANIEL’S NOTE : ( I actual picked up this info through Laron’s website at transients.info ,

check ot his site when you get time!)~~~Xaniel777

From Decalcify Pineal Gland

Helping us all decalcify, cleanse and activate our Pineal Glands

How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland Contents:

How to cleanse your pineal gland? How to activate your pineal gland?

STEP 1 – Stop further calcification of your Pineal Gland
1. Halides (Fluoride, Chlorine and Bromide)
2. Calcium
3. Tap Water
4. Mercury
5. Pesticides
6. Other toxins
7. Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco (S.C.A.T.)

STEP 2 – Remove existing calcification within your Pineal Gland
1. Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil
2. MSM
3. Raw Chocolate
4. Citric Acid
5. Garlic
6. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
7. Oregano oil and Neem extract
8. Activator X (Vitamin K1/K2)
9. Boron
10. Melatonin
11. Iodine
12. Tamarind
13. Distilled Water
14. Nigella Sativa (the black seed)
15. Zeolite
16. Chaga Mushroom
17. Yoga

How to cleanse your pineal gland? How to detoxify your pineal gland?

As mentioned in the previous section (What is your Pineal Gland?), the primary goal of decalcifying your pineal gland is so that you can begin the process of pineal gland activation and begin the awakening of your third eye.

There are two parts to pineal gland decalcification. The first is to stop any further calcification of your pineal gland which is caused by any lifestyle habits or environmental factors, e.g. flouride, etc. The second step is to work on reducing and removing the existing calcification and help to further develop your pineal gland.

Below we will go through the methods you can take to achieve these two steps.

STEP 1 – Stop further calcification of your Pineal Gland

The key to stopping further calcification of your pineal gland is to firstly identify what causes calcification, and then secondly stopping these sources. Generally speaking, it is a person’s diet (food/drink) and lifestyle that causes calcification.

Below is a list of the primary causes of calcification:


Halides are chemical substances such as Fluoride, Chlorine and Bromide. They all seem to have similar effects on the pineal gland, so it’s important to remove these from your diet.

Fluoride is the most common and widespread in our diets. It is magnetically attracted to the pineal gland more so than any other part of the body. Here it forms calcium phosphate crystals which accumulate. Fluoride is present in toothpastes and tap water. It’s a heavy duty poison and should be avoided at all costs as it calcifies the pineal tissue and basically shuts the gland down. Switch to a fluoride-free toothpaste and drink spring water or filtered water (see ‘Tap Water’ section below for more information).

Recommended Product: Manina 100% Vegetable Base Neem Advance Toothpaste 6.42oz with Mint
Recommended Product: TheraNeem Organix, Neem Toothpaste with Cinnamon, 4.23 oz (120 g)
Recommended Product: Kiss My Face Triple Action Natural Aloe Vera Toothpaste, Cool Mint Freshness, 3.4 fl oz (96 g) (Pack of 6)
Recommended Product: AloeDent Sensitive Aloe Vera Plus Echinacea Fluoride-Free Toothpaste – Pack of 3

For research data on why fluoride is dangerous for you, please visit: FluorideAlert.org Fluoride Action Network


Calcium supplements – More and more research is showing that calcium supplements, containing calcium carbonate, are detrimental for our health. For more information, visit the following links:
Harvard Medical School: What you need to know about calcium
Why Calcium can be toxic to our body
This is one of the biggest causes of calcification, they don’t really work so if you’re taking them it’s recommended that you stop and look at other natural forms of calcium.

Calcium in food – Pretty much all processed food contains some form of calcium. These forms include calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and dicalcium phosphate. Many supplements contain these as content fillers also.

The best form of calcium is the form that is contained in natural foods, like sesame seeds, chia seeds, leafy greens like spinach and kale, quinoa, oranges and broccoli. These will not only increase your ‘good’ calcium intake but will also provide you with a more balanced set of nutrients.

Tap Water:

Tap water contains many calcifying substances (including fluoride as mentioned above) and it is important to your general health that you consume uncontaminated drinking water.

The safest and most healthiest choice is spring water, but analysis needs to be done to ensure that it isn’t polluted. For a site that can show you where your nearest natural spring is, please go here: http://www.findaspring.com – Remember, spring water is free and should be respected.
To test spring water, you will need a TDS and pH tester:
Recommended Product: HM Digital TDS-4 Pocket Size Tester
Recommended Product: Neewer Mini Digital PH Meter

There are many varieties of filters and filtration systems and they are summarised below:
Pitcher/table top – Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System, 6-Gallon – This particular model is very powerful and makes the water highly alkaline and healthy.
Portable/manual water filter – Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter – One of the longest lasting and most durable water purification method you’ll find, great for outdoors or if there is a power outage and local water cannot be pumped to your home, as it doesn’t require batteries. It is best to then store your water in a BPA-free container (Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Bottle).
Adya Clarity – Adya Clarity 16 Oz – This natural substance is made from black mica extract, which comes from volcanoes and is in the same family where Natural zeolite powder is made from. It is a natural water purifier and body detoxifier of radiation, viruses, heavy metals, cancers and toxins in general. Add this to any water that you think may be contaminated with radiation, bacteria, viruses or other toxins.
Ionic filters/Ionized Water – Alive Water 7-Plate Water Ionizer – Best overall method for water purification, transforms ordinary tap water into healing and rejuvenating, deliciously hydrating water. These water ionizers purify your water of pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoa), change your water’s pH structure to alkaline, and transform your water into a powerful antioxidant. The quality of ionised water is proven through dozens of scientific papers and thousands of healthy, rejuvenated athletes and clients.
Water distillers – Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller – Counter-top Water Distillation system are probably the easiest way to purify your water, and usually more portable. This type of water is the best for detox, however it doesn’t do as well as Reverse Osmosis or Ionized water for removing fluoride, and is highly acidic so will flush minerals out of your body. These systems are good for the short term (to remove excess calcium deposits, and clean your pineal gland) but not for long-term as it can make your bones brittle if you get rid of too much calcium in your body too fast. For long-term drinking water use Ionized Water.
Reverse Osmosis – Watts Premier 131150 Reverse Osmosis 5-Stage System – Uses pressure to push water through microscopic openings that trap harmful minerals and particles including fluoride and other contaminants. It’s really good for water purification, especially in emergency conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: After using a Reverse Osmosis system or Water Distiller, you should add some beneficial minerals back into the water (pHion Balance Alkaline Minerals), as it is acidic and it will have lost its natural structure (even a shake of sea salt to a gallon of water will help re-mineralize and alkalize your water). An AlkaPod (AlkaPod Portable Water Alkaline pH Enhancer (Ionizer)), a portable water alkalizer that makes ionic water and puts the minerals into it automatically, is a recommended no fuss way to clean alkaline water.


Mercury is very bad for the pineal gland due to its poisonous nature. It should be avoided at all costs. Mercury tooth fillings are pineal toxins and should be removed. Also all medical vaccines are tainted with mercury, e.g. Thimersal (a vaccine preservative made of methyl mercury) is very difficult to get out of the brain once it’s in there. Avoid eating fish and bottom feeders such as shrimps and prawns. Tuna and dolphin meat is particularly bad as it contains higher doses of mercury. Generally speaking, the bigger the fish, the higher the concentration of mercury in its body tissue. Eco light bulbs should also be used with care, as if one is smashed mercury vapour is released into the room and inhaled. The good news is that mercury can be removed from the body by the daily use of chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina, it just takes time. Cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue too.

Recommended Product: Ultimate Superfoods Raw Chlorella/Spirulina Tablets (1,000 count – 250mg)
Recommended Product: Rainforest Foods Organic Combined Chlorella and Spirulina Capsules 400mg Pack of 180
Recommended Product: Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder, 60 Servings, 17-Ounce Container
Recommended Product: BodyMe Organic Wheatgrass Powder 500 g (Soil Association Certified)
Recommended Product: Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit – Fully Stocked Kit (Trays, Seed, Soil, Instructions & More)
Recommended Product: Cilantro (Coriander) 425 mg 60 Caps by Swanson Premium
Recommended Product: Source Naturals Cilantro Metal Detox Liquid with Chlorella, with Chlorella 4 fl oz


Some pesticides are pineal toxins so foods grown using these pesticides should be avoided. Therefore, fresh organic food that hasn’t used chemical pesticides is recommended instead. Organic healthy food with a high ratio of raw foods (Raw Diet) is supportive to pineal detoxification.

Due to the food chain passing these chemical pesticides on, certain meats can accumulate these chemicals. Some people recommend meat free diets also to protect your pineal gland from potential harmful substances.

Other toxins:

If something is toxic and not naturally produced by nature, do not put it in your body. If you can’t say the chemical’s name, it’s most likely bad for you. Other toxins include artificial sweeteners (aspartame K) , refined sugar, phylenanine (in fruit squashes), E numbers, deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwashes (saltwater is suffice) and air fresheners.

A great defence against these toxins is to boost your body’s detoxifying capabilities. In order for your body to do it’s job properly, it needs a protein called glutathione. This is highest in the liver and kidneys, your main organs of detoxification, and by increasing the levels of glutathione we can cleanse more of these toxins from our bodies. When glutathione comes in contact with a toxin, it binds to it and makes it water soluble (dissolvable in water), so it can exit the body as waste through urine, bowels, and skin.

Recommended Product: Liposomal Glutathione 4fl-oz. Bottle
Recommended Product: Designs for Health – Glutathione 50 gm Powder
Recommended Product: Liposomal Glutathione – 4oz

Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco (S.C.A.T.):

As a general point, a diet free of Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco (S.C.A.T.) will not only flush the system, but it will also bring about the “kundalini” rising and ensure you have a great balanced mind/body. The diet must be maintained for at least 2 months. The longer you maintain the diet along with exercise, you’ll find that your energy level will increase and excess pounds will fall away leaving your brain clear from toxins. This gives you the capacity to focus on pineal gland activation.

STEP 2 – Remove existing calcification within your Pineal Gland

Removing the build up of years of toxic build up in your pineal gland can be achieved with some dedication and commitment.

There are a number of ways to decalcify your pineal gland, below is a list of them along with what you would need to do:

Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil:

One of the most powerful natural substances you can take to decalcify your pineal gland. It contains a very powerful substance called “Activator X” discovered by Weston Price. See below for more information about “Activator X”.

Recommended Product: Green Pastures Fermented Skate Liver Oil Capsules
Recommended Product: Green Pasture X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil – 120 Capsules


Very powerful for general detoxification. It is also good for your hair, skin, nails and building bones. Start with a comfortable dose and work your way up to around 7,000-10,000mg per day. Generally, MSM starts to work effectively at higher doses, however it is still beneficial to take it at lower doses.

Recommended Product: MSM 1000g (2.2 lb) Pure Powder
Recommended Product: MSM Crystal Powder
Recommended Product: Colloidal Silver MSM 25 (liquid)

Raw Chocolate:

Raw cacao is a great pineal gland detoxifier in high doses because of the high antioxidant content. It is also good as a pineal gland stimulant too, which can help to activate your third eye. See How to activate your pineal gland section for more information on pineal gland activators.

Recommended Product: Certified Organic Raw Cacao Powder 1 Pound/16oz
Recommended Product: Raw Organic Peruvian Cacao Powder – 500g (Certified Organic)

Citric Acid:

Raw lemon, juiced and consumed is very good at detoxifying your pineal gland. Citric acid also works, but raw lemon juice is recommended. It’s recommended that you take 3 tablespoons of citric acid or 7 organic lemons every day on an empty stomach for three weeks. You can also do this by mixing it with spring water as citric acid isn’t so good for your teeth.

Recommended Product: Citric Acid, 5 lb – Food Grade, Organic, Non-GMO
Recommended Product: Citric Acid, 5 lbs (2268g)


Garlic is amazing for decalcification because it is able to dissolve calcium and acts as an antibiotic. Added benefits are it gives your immune system a kick start. Consume around half a bulb to two bulbs daily (or more if you like). To ensure your breath doesn’t scare anyone off, you can crush the garlic and soak in raw apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice to deodorise it. Make sure you put the used lemon juice or vinegar on a salad or re-use it for other foods later. Don’t let anything go to waste.

Also, black garlic is exceptional at detoxification and I highly recommend it. It is really tasty too, and great to cook with!

Recommended Product: Peeled Black Garlic 1 Lb
Recommended Product: Black Garlic Tub 150g

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar:

Very good for detoxification of your pineal gland, as it contains malic acid. It’s great to put on your food and tastes great. A recommended brand is Braggs apple cider vinegar, and make sure it’s raw. Generally speaking, vinegars should be sold in glass bottles, so if it’s not in one, don’t buy it as you’ll be consuming plastic too!

Recommended Product: Bragg Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (1 gallon)
Recommended Product: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw-Unfiltered, 946ml

Oregano oil and Neem extract:

Both act as a natural antibiotic against the calcium shells that nanobacteria create around themselves in the pineal gland.

Recommended Product: Oregano Oil – 1 Oz / 30ml, 100% Certified Organic
Recommended Product: Wild Organic Oregano Oil – 30ml
Recommended Product: Organic India Neem, 90 tablets
Recommended Product: Neem Leaf Capsules, Organic 60 Caps

Activator X (Vitamin K1/K2):

Discovered by Weston Price, it is a super potent detoxifier, especially when mixed with Vitamin A and D3, and has many properties. It can reverse the process of arteriosclerosis, allowing the enzymatic balance to be restored. This then allows for the calcium to be removed from the arteries and other locations (i.e. pineal gland) and placed where it belongs, in the bone. It is also a potent catalyst for vitamin and mineral absorption.

The vitamin occurs naturally in two forms:
K1 (phylloquinone) is found in green leafy vegetables
K2 (comprised of menaquinones) is created by intestinal microflora and also obtained from food sources such as organ meats, liver (goose/chicken are best), egg yolks, fermented dairy products like cheese or butter (from cows eating rapidly growing green grass), Japanese fermented soybean dish Natto (the richest K2 food source), sauerkraut, marine oils, fish eggs and shellfish. Do not take K2 supplements if taking anticoagulant drugs (such as Warfarin) or other medications. It’s also suggested that taking Kefir makes homogenized milk digestible and provides the probiotics necessary for your own body to produce vitamin K2 in the gut.

Recommended Product: Green Pastures X-Factor Gold High-vitamin Butter Oil Non-gelatin Capsules
Recommended Product: Green Pasture X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil – 120 Capsules
Recommended Product: Jarrow Formulas MK-7 (vitamin K2), 60 Softgels
Recommended Product: Jarrow Formulas Mk-7, 60 Softgels


Boron is another detoxifier and pineal gland cleanser. It also works well as a fluoride remover. It is present in beets and best consumed by eating organic beets or trying beet powder mixed with spring water or other liquids/foods. You could try adding 1/4 tsp of sodium borate (Borax) to your green teas. An inexpensive source of boron can be purchased in most supermarkets as common borax. Borax should be taken in very small quantities in pure water, with as little as 1/32 to 1/4 of a teaspoon of borax to one liter of water. This mixture should be consumed in small quantities throughout the day has been found to be safe and effective. About 1/8 of a teaspoon with a pinch of sea salt has been found to be effective too. Another alternative to common borax is food grade sodium borate.

Recommended Product: Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Borax, 30C Pellets, 80-Count Tubes (Pack of 5)
Recommended Product: Liquid Ionic Boron (120 Servings At 5mg. Each)


It has not been proven conclusively, but many believe that melatonin helps remove fluoride by increasing decalcification of the pineal gland which helps breakup the existing calcification. In addition to melatonin supplementation, plenty of daytime physical activity and/or exercise, a healthy diet, not overeating and meditation/relaxation exercises all contribute to higher melatonin production from the pineal gland.

Recommended Product: Source Naturals Melatonin Liquid, Natural Orange Flavor, 4 Ounce (Pack of 2)
Recommended Product: Schiff Natural Sleep Aid Ultra 3 mg – 300 Tablets


Iodine has been clinically proven to increase the removal of sodium fluoride from the body via the urine as calcium fluoride. Most diets are deficient in this vital mineral and it is recommended that people take seaweed foods and iodine supplements that combine iodine and potassium iodide. However, eliminating fluoride with iodine also depletes your supply of calcium. It is therefore recommended that you increase your intake of organic vegetables to supplement the positive calcium that your body requires. To compliment the intake of iodine, it is recommended that lecithin is consumed too.

Recommended Product: LL’s Magnetic Clay Nascent Iodine – 1 Oz.
Recommended Product: Lugol’s Iodine Solution Made with 5% Iodine and 10% Potassium Iodide 1 Fl Oz
Recommended Product: Lugol’s Iodine 3% – 300ml bottle


The pulp, bark, and leaves from the tamarind tree can be used to make teas, extracts and tinctures that will help eliminate fluorides through the urine. Tamarind is widely used in Ayurvedic Medicine and has many positive health properties.

Recommended Product: Franz Organic Pure Tamarind Paste – Seedless (400g. (14oz))
Recommended Product: Franz Market Organic Fresh Sweet Tamarind – Seedless 10Oz

Distilled Water:

There is research to say that distilled water can help to decalcifying the pineal gland. For more information, please check out the following site: 24 Doctors with the courage to tell the truth about Distilled Water

Recommended Product: Megahome Countertop Water Distiller, Stainless Steel, Glass Bottle
Recommended Product: ZeroWater ZD-023 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System
Recommended Product: Sparkletts Distilled Water – Case of 6 Gallons
Recommended Product: Water Distiller with Glass Collection Bottle
Recommended Product: Distilled Water – 5.5 Litres

The site also talks about drinking urine. I know it sounds crazy, but our urine today is polluted due to our poor diets hence why it smells, etc. The thinking behind it is that clean urine during a raw diet is healthy and acts as a powerful cleansing agent. The link above contains a section about this, just search for ‘dear water based creatures’ within the webpage.

Recommended Reading: Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Miracle Cure that Medical Science Has Never Revealed!

Nigella Sativa (the black seed):

Nigella Sativa is a herb that originates from Western Asia. It gets its name from its deep black, sharp-cornered rectangular seeds (around 3 mm).

Over 200 studies have been carried out at international universities and articles published in various journals showing remarkable results supporting its traditional uses. The Nigella Sativa seed itself contains numerous esters of structurally unusual unsaturated fatty acids and the chemical composition is very rich and diverse. Apart from its active ingredient, crystalline nigellone, it contains 15 amino acids (including eight of the nine essential ones), carbohydrates, fatty acids including linolenic and oleic, volatile oils, alkaloids and dietary fibre, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium and potassium.

Recent research on the black seed has shown it to be a detoxifier, anti-biotic, anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-bacterial, anti-bronchial and immune boosting agent. This not only makes it a good pineal gland cleanser, but also an all-round health boosting product!

Recommended Product: Indus Organics Nigella Sativa 1 Lb, (2 x Jars)
Recommended Product: Black Seed Oil Capsules Pack (120 x 500mg capsules)


Natural zeolites are a major breakthrough in natural detoxification. A naturally occurring crystal, that is safe for people of all ages (as well as pets), and is frequently during environmental disasters where time and power is of the essence. It naturally traps and releases heavy metals (including radiation) from the body. It also attaches to cancerous cells and stops their growth. It is a heavy detox agent against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens and environmental toxins (including fluoride), and is a major natural immune system booster. Like the Nigella Sativa, it is a good pineal gland cleanser and all-round health boosting substance.

Recommended Product: Zeolite Pure – 400 gm powder
Recommended Product: Zeolite Liquid
Recommended Product: Pure Planet Fulvic Zeolite, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Chaga Mushroom:

The chaga mushroom is the most nutritionally dense of all tree growths, and is known by the Siberians as the “Gift from God”, the Japanese call it “The Diamond of the Forest,” and the Chinese deem it “King of Plants”. To survive in harsh climates, chaga concentrates natural compounds for its protection, and that is why it is so powerful. To strengthen the tree, as well as heal, it makes potent phytochemicals, including sterols, phenols, and enzymes, and research has found that people benefit by consuming these forest-source phytochemicals and nutrients. It also contains the richest source of melanin which gives us the pigment for our skin/hair/eyes and is a powerful antioxidant. Our pineal glands are hungry for melanin as it shields us from harmful UV light which then allows our pineal gland to regulate our circadian rhythms/cycles, thus regulating our sleep so we can heal. It directly feeds and nourishes the pineal gland allowing it to function more fully. A definite must for those looking to help activate their pineal glands as part of a holistic approach.

Recommended Product: Siberian Chaga Extract Powder 4oz
Recommended Product: Chaga Powder 50g
Recommended Product: Pure Chaga – 90 vegetarian capsules, 525 mg



There are a number of yoga practices for decalcifying (and activating) your pineal gland. One highly recommended practice is the “Khechari Mudra” yogic meditation, or “Divine Nectar” as it is sometimes known. It may require years to clear the pineal gland completely as a stand alone exercise. It is done using the following two phases:
1. In a yogi-sitting pose with your eyes closed, concentrate on stretching the tongue back into the throat.
2. While doing this, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of the mouth, flexing it to eventually reach the main sinus cavity behind the roof of the mouth.
3. Once your tongue is flexible enough and can enter into the sinus cavity, it will go straight up and bump against an area that is linked to your pineal gland. This is the first phase of the “Divine Nectar” meditation and it could take weeks and months to achieve.
The second phase of this meditation is to decalcify the pineal gland by scraping the above area with the tip of your tongue. As this area is linked to the pineal gland, it helps break the calcium layer around the pineal gland and clear it, slowly and gently. As the pineal gland gradually clears up, you start enjoying an amazing taste of “nectar” secreted by the pineal gland unlike anything else known to the human taste buds. During the decalcifying weeks, you will also experience the opening of your Third-Eye.
It is a slow process, but it’s very safe and rewarding, and requires discipline and persistence. For more information, visit the following link: Wikipedia: Khecarī mudrā)
Below is a video which shows visually how this yogic practice can be done:

A couple of months doing a number or all of the above will leave your pineal gland decalcified and detoxified in no time!


(Fair Use Notice):

This web site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance the understanding of humanity’s problems and hopefully to help find solutions for those problems. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. A click on a hyperlink is a request for information. Consistent with this notice you are welcome to make ‘fair use’ of anything you find on this website. However, if you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. You can read more about ‘fair use’ and US Copyright Law at the Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School. This notice was modified from a similar notice at Information Clearing House.} ~~~ Xaniel777

©2009/2010/2011/2012/2013 Tetra-Trinity Chronicles 

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Reality Shift of ‘ The Ascended Masters ‘

Posted by Xaniel777 on May 4, 2013

The Ascended Masters: Continue to Expect and Believe in Miracles


Assisting in Informing and Awakening Humanity

April 17, 2013

Posted by 

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note from Wes: Exampling the turn-away from channelings that are too long-winded, I offer this message from the Ascended Masters as well as one that will be forthcoming. The two were originally one communication, but I decided to split them up and I allowed the Ascended Masters to write a conclusion for this first one.

I am not going out of my way to publish shorter communications, but I’m no longer striving to deliver incredibly long ones either. Taking a page from Aisha North, I’ll simply let the messages flow through at whatever length and pace is desired by the souls giving them in that moment, and let the rest simply Be.

Continue to expect and believe in miracles, and you will find them manifesting before you with grace and ease. Each one of you are learning to tap into and understand your ability to Create the situations occurring in your Lives, and to shape the events playing out into events that benefit you and allow you to express your fullest and purest of Creator Light in every moment.

You are ultimately growing toward the goal of merging with the higher realms you are finding increasingly and in doing so, you will be and are finding harmony and unity with all those around you as you increasingly begin to realize that you are all facets of the same beautiful entity of consciousness and intelligence. You are all comprised of the all-encompassing energy of Love and together, we are all united in the realms of our Mother/Father Creator.

You are growing into the realization of your personal Divinity and of your unity with all those around you and while there are indeed souls on your world who are not acting in alignment with the unity and harmony that is meant to be felt and established at this time, those of you who are beginning to understand this harmony and help to spread the word are increasingly seeing it understood and fed by the rest of your fellow awakening collective.

Understanding Greater Concepts

We have asked you to expect and embrace miracles and the very idea of manifesting them because again, doing so will draw them toward you as you grow into your realization of your Divinity and your strong powers to Create and experience what you know to be in alignment with the experiences you wish to have.

So many dear awakening souls have looked toward the overall New Age movement and the higher states of consciousness you’ve been told so very much about, as a means to understand something much greater than themselves and we applaud you dear souls for being able to realize the truth of your existence as spiritual beings from within dense and limited realms that have truly tested you so very much.

Even those of you on the Earth who have taken a plethora of Lives upon Her surface have experienced incredible lessons and challenges whilst on the Earth and in so many cases, you have emerged triumphantly as the beautiful Creators you are and have always been.

We and so many others will forever encourage your ongoing realization of everything you can do and be, for the limitations that have kept much of humanity in bondage have served to temporarily sever a higher dimensional link or a link to anything that is comprised of the harmonious vibrations we can feel so many of you are so very ready to grow toward.

Humanity’s Ongoing Evolution & Collective Creation-Power

Your evolution into the realms of full consciousness has been ongoing for every bit of your Earthly experience, and you have all been learning lessons that are related to the learning and growth you have set out for yourselves. Absolutely everything that happens in your Lives is displaying itself to you for a reason, and many of you are planning out specific things to happen to you so that you can notice the synchronistic nature of such things and be able to understand that your spirit guides and those aspects of your Selves helping you to coordinate events to manifest in your Lives, are with you.

Truly, we are all with you and so many of we Masters who have incarnated on your world in an attempt to spread the very Light and truth so many of you are so valiantly and diligently spreading now, are and will be continuing to speak with humanity to offer that same knowledge, Love and insight that we (possessed) whilst experiencing the lower dimensions of the Earth.

Your collective Creation power is very exponential and as a collective, you can truly do anything.

This is why souls with negative or service-to-self-based interests have used your collective ability to get you to support governments and regimes that are truly not acting in your best interest. In many cases, these very souls have influenced the minds and hearts of many people who rebelled against us during our Lifetimes on your Earth, and there are souls employed to rebel against the giving of Light and truth on your Earth at present as well.

These souls are playing a catalytic role and as has been said, the influence of negativity in general is dissolving but we discuss this topic because it is relatable to your power as a collective decision-making body.

Meeting the Earth Council & Monitored Collective Energy

Humanity is to unite in the time ahead and come together to establish a new paradigm based in the best interests of each one of you, and we as well as a plethora of other ascended souls will be with you to help oversee the rebuilding of your world and along the way, humanity will be introduced to the Earth Council who has been overseeing affairs related to many aspects of your evolution.

A collective ascension is quite rare and as such, every aspect of your Earth and your collective energy is monitored and we as well as your Galactic brethren convene with your Earth Council routinely on a plethora of matters.

The collective energy levels and the effect they have upon Gaia are constantly monitored, and as you are collectively headed for higher states of consciousness yet are still feeding negativity into a previously-discussed fading hologram; there is much energetic work to be done to help humanity see the Light and to those extents, a plethora of higher dimensional souls who specialize in energy work have been working “overtime” as you might term it, to help soften the collective feeding of density.

While your freewill does not allow us to intervene or intrude upon your collective desire to feed negativity in a massive way, the desires and intents of so many of you who are seeing the Light are seeing us able to find wiggle-room and bring the Light more fully and purely into the collective energies.

Assistance with your Personal Transmutations

The awakening to the higher realms so many of you dear Lightworkers and starseeds are beginning to find within yourselves are to strengthen exponentially as you discover your unfolding higher dimensional perception more and more, and as you grow in your natural ability as Creators and experiencers of that which you Create.

Your very inhabitance of the lower dimensions was bred out of a desire to experience your own Creation, and experience your Creation you certainly have!

We have watched all of your experiences play out with the Love of the Creator in our hearts, and since many of us were on your Earth at one time and know of the struggles and pains many of you are going through in this very moment, we will be with you to act as transmuters of your personal negative energy whilst you help to transmute that of the collective.

What many of you don’t yet realize is that your perceived faltering along your spiritual path is not always because you are losing ground or turning way from progress. In many cases, you do indeed allow negativity to seep in and change your perspective (in part) because of the role of transmuting collective dense energy you have taken on.

It is a noble and difficult role indeed, and you can funnel every last bit of negativity or density you experience in your Lives right on up to we Masters or to any other facet of the Light Forces who are focusing ourselves upon your beautiful planet at present, for we are just as eager as you are to bring forth the higher realms and see the Light more fully established upon the surface of your world.

Exposure to the Density you are Transmuting

Every one of you are and have been instrumental in introducing the physical and metaphysical changes and the concepts that will drive such changes to your reality, and we commend each of you who have, in many cases, made a great personal sacrifice in transmuting the collective energies.

In many cases, transmuting the collective dense energies means yourselves being exposed to them in very big ways, and we ask you all to allow the flow of the higher realms and of energies purer than what you currently experience, through when you feel as if negativity or the collective density around you is becoming too difficult to transmute.

Indeed it is not, and you are being offered so very much assistance from the higher realms that for the most part, the majority of humanity is still completely unaware of.

Mental Limitations & Initial Resistance to Disclosure

Blockages and limitations have been established around your current society, and the specific limitations we speak of are those which feed your collective veils that block you from a higher dimensional experience or from a communication with the higher dimensional beings assisting in your evolution.

These limitations we speak of are mental in nature, and come from a perceived need to criticize or downplay any starling truth that many be outside of the paradigm of the person learning it. Indeed, claiming something not to be based in reality is much easier for some people than to accept the true reality of what has and continues to happen on your world, and some will remain closed-off even when the initial disclosure announcements hit.

There will be many souls on your world spread especially throughout the various alternative news websites and spiritual forums, who will be overemployed to cry foul when the initial manifestations begin.

Many of these souls have been paid for so very long to spread negativity and when the initial disclosure announcements reach your televisions, computers, minds and hearts, those very souls who have been employed to convince so many that the events you are reaching as a planet are not to happen will be working to convince humanity that the announcements will have come with a negative intent or agenda.

It may be said the most often (by those souls) that cabal types have infiltrated the initial announcements in an effort to bedazzle and then pacify humanity, and this will not be so. In fact, the souls who will be spreading such disinformation are actually employed by corporations under the control of the descendants of the cabal heads who are experiencing forms of containment that see them now unable to do much of what they had been doing.

The Role of Lightworkers in Quelling the Public

Even beyond the souls who are employed to shape and mold public opinion and gain influence so that they can do so, there will be genuinely-unaware souls who will be startled by everything that will present itself to you and as has been said, you Lightworkers will be acting as calmers and helpers when the initial truths of our existence and that of the Galactics and so many other things begin to surface on a widespread level.

These truths are already beginning to be made known in your mainstream media, and each one of you can be instrumental in introducing truth and change by spreading it wherever and to whomever you feel will benefit from it. So many of you have already been so very active in spreading the truths and concepts of the higher realms and you have as well, spread the truth of the tyranny that has been wrought upon you and your planet.

Those who have remained in control and influence have been fighting so very hard to see humanity unprepared for your cycle of evolution, and we ask for you all to see that their influence is but a fading whisper in a reality that has begun to embrace the Light and that will begin to reflect such an embrace as the collective energies continue along their lightening and refinement process.

As we make our final impressions for this communication and thank our scribe for allowing us to speak through him as well as as each one of you for allowing us to speak before you in this moment, we remind you that the faith and motivation you have been building upon for so very long to bring forth change will increase exponentially, as the heightened energies being delivered bring a sense of increased motivation in each one of you.

Nurture and embrace your heightened motivation for it is to serve you well, now and in the time ahead.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.





The Ascended Masters: Revelation upon Revelation Awaits Humanity

Assisting in Informing and Awakening Humanity

April 19, 2013

Posted by 

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note from Wes: This is the second part to what was originally one message from the Ascended Masters. I’ve given this message as well as a few posts this morning, but I will be out for today.

You are all acting in accordance with and receiving energies from Gaia’s grid of Light when performing your collective and individual blessings, and the Light that you receive is being increasingly purified as you find yourselves better able to absorb purer encodements of it.

This Light energy will be instrumental in exposing to you and clearing out all of the old third dimensional dross and drama that has kept you in shackles of illusory limitation for so very long, and the awareness being spread at present is garnering a widespread collective awakening to and understanding of not just the injustice that has been wrought on your world for far too long, but of the metaphysical realms that lay beyond your conscious perspective as well as your abilities to interact with them.

Startling Truths & the Filter of Discernment

You are growing into your roles as energetic alchemists, and this will continue as you begin to realize your Divinely-sanctioned powers more and more. An opened heart will see you very easily able to receive the inpouring impressions being given from the higher realms, and we ask each one of you to have an open perspective as we gradually begin to introduce truths through this and other channels that may startle you or initially spark disbelief.

Indeed, things have been said through this scribe that did not go on to reach the public eyes and hearts, because much of the information we have to give is of such a startling nature and of a nature so outside of the paradigm of even the awakening Lightworker public, that we must be careful with the issuance of our communications.

We must work thorough the “filter” if you wish to call it that, of discernment that has been established within each one of our scribes, though this discernment is more than necessary to develop as each one of you dear scribes have, at times, found energies around you that were not of the highest and purest Christed consciousness of us or of the other ascended souls speaking to and through humanity at this time.

There will be so very much to tell you, and some of the most startling truths will indeed be brought about in the disclosure announcements rather than through specific scribes who may not believe what we are saying because of the “too good to be true” mindset and because of the sheer awesomeness and paradigm-expanding nature of much of what we have for you.

Staring Down a Corridor of Experience

In the avenue of advanced technology, revelation upon revelation awaits humanity so that you can all understand what has been hidden from you and rightfully take back your world as you proclaim your sovereignty and freedom as a collective body. The unconsciousness of much of humanity has fed and driven the lower states of consciousness and the tyranny that has been wrought upon the Earth, which is why the missions so many awakening Lightworkers are finding set out for themselves are more important than ever.

At present, you are staring down an entirely new corridor of experience for yourselves to undergo, and while many of you remain comfortable in the old rooms and perceptions you have known for so very long; we ask you not to walk, but to run down this new corridor and to remember all of the features about it that you had previously forgotten.

Look at the pictures on the wall. Look out the window. Even go outside if you wish!

We use this metaphor to display the importance of not hanging on to your old and outdated belief systems or frames of think and feeling, as we encourage you to explore the new metaphysical territory that is now fully yours for the exploring. You will remember so much of what you find, as you have all traversed the higher realms before making your ways to the Earth and you all carry the subconscious memories of these ventures within yourselves.

Intense Lower Dimensional Testing

Such memories have remained under the surface and locked-away within your personal Akashic records as you embraced an experience of lower dimensionality, the extremes of which have been turned up.

Indeed, the lower dimensional experience will test many of you to your very core and things will happen to you along your experience and especially at this stage in your growth, which may leave you scratching your heads or wallowing in confusion for a short time.

However, those with a fostered and opened connection to the higher realms will understand that you are never left alone and that you have plentiful spiritual guides around you along with us and so many others, who will help explain things to you and help you to understand everything that plays out before you.

We have no malevolent purpose in speaking with you, and we are confident that the increasingly-pure energies we are attaching to this communication will help you to see and feel that we have no agenda other than to inform, uplift and help you to reach the higher states of consciousness we have reached and are speaking to you from.

Of course, we can only go so far in issuing our communications and offering our advice, and by this we mean that we cannot force any of you dear souls to take the advice we are giving, nor would we wish to.

Acting in Accordance with Humanity’s Freewill

Do not get us wrong, dear souls; we would very much Love to see you enact the spiritual disciplines and reach the heightened perspectives that will (help you to) find a higher dimensional experience and convene with us in a much more personal manner than is so with our communications, but we like many others are acting within the perimeters of your collective and individual freewill and cannot act past the measures we have been given.

Some of us have acted beyond these measures in incarnating unto the Earth and directly spreading the truths of our Father and Mother Creator to the souls on your dearest world, and many of you who are absorbing this communication are attracted to our energies specifically because you were attached to us and what we were doing in previous lifetimes.

You are the same humanity who has experienced your Earth throughout decades, generations and centuries; it is simply that a few of you have entered or left the Earth experience. Some have ascended; some have simply given up on their Earthly ventures and incarnated unto an easier third dimensional planet; but the general collective body of humanity that is you has experienced your history throughout every time period your Earth has been established as a planet.

Of course, at times different races or races from other worlds were introduced into your collective, and the civilizations of what used to be Maldek as well as Mars exist on your dear planet with you and have been for so very long.

Humanity’s Collective Power & Increased Channeling Abilities

You have been a united collective body for every bit of your Earthly history, and even though you have remained separated and divided this truth has never ceased to be. In fact, the strength of your collective power has (fed) the massive negativity and hatred toward one another, which has been propelled by your feeding of it on massive levels.

Much will be discussed in relation to repairing and restoring your dearest world, and those of you who are just beginning to understand the concepts driving your higher dimensional experience will help so many others to understand many of the same concepts you’re just beginning to be introduced to as you learn to embrace such concepts.

Doing so will see you uninhibited in your experience of the higher dimensions that are descending down upon you at present and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we remind you all that the impressions of we souls within the higher realms will only continue to increase and pick up as you find yourselves opened and expanded much, much more.

We enjoy that you enjoy the abilities you have found in yourselves, and you will all be able to find these abilities (strengthened) in due time and will be able to bring through long, flowing and fruitful communications from the higher realms. Of course, you will not need to rely on your natural channeling abilities to communicate with us and rather, will communicate with us constantly and in every moment as you find your abilities to channel having reached unprecedented proportions.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.







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Reality Shift of the Paradigm of Secrecy that is About to be Shattered !

Posted by Xaniel777 on April 29, 2013

 An Entire Paradigm of Secrecy is About to be Shattered


Assisting in Informing and Awakening Humanity

April 24, 2013 - Posted by 

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Greetings, dearest souls, I am SanJAsKa speaking for our Council of Nine. You continue to make the strides and progress that you are becoming famous for, and as the Earth experience tests your faith and resolve we note the overall enlightenment so many of you are beginning to find not just in yourselves, but in those around you who are beginning to respond quite favorably to the energies and perceptions you’re uncovering.

As you unlock new perceptions and find yourselves able to radiate the resulting energies, every single soul around you benefits from your Light in their own specific and individual ways and for many of them, it will take and has taken quite a long amount of your concept of time for the energies you’re introducing to their perspective to settle in and begin changing such perspective in a way that will display very clearly to you, the effect your Light is having.

Your Abilities Have Never Been Stronger

This effect is grand indeed, and we will happily continue to be with you to offer updates about where you are heading as a collective and where your continual paths are taking you and all those around you.

Your ability to feel and radiate massive amounts of pure Light is greater than it has ever been and of course, this ability is only to increase as you find yourselves able to open up to states of consciousness and states of wellbeing that you had perhaps not expected to be able to feel at this time.

The Earth experience as it stands at present continues to test many a soul, and events occurring on the world stage are indeed leading you to the disclosure of our existence, the existence of realms beyond your conscious understanding and the existence of so very many other things that are to help humanity see the orchestrated illusion that has been cast upon you.

Truly, you have been conditioned to grow up in and experience an illusory reality that has taught you to act and Live your Lives in certain manners that are, in many cases, serving the souls who have crafted your societies in the ways that they have in an attempt to gain and keep control over the bulk of humanity.

An Orchestrated Reality & Instilled Complacency

We have previously discussed humanity’s complacency and the effect it has had on your ability to spread and understand the truths of your existence, but we wish for you to know that this complacency has been very carefully instilled into you, which is why we have been working from our positions as much as possible to help each of you see the orchestration that is the reality around you and to help you break the physical, mental and emotional constraints that have been given to you.

You have indeed allowed these constraints to remain in place, because you have learned from them exponentially and grown from each lesson such limitations and your breaking away from them have bestowed upon you. It has all ultimately been designed to aid in your growth as a soul, and your breaking through of your personal shells is a remarkable feat indeed.

We wish you to know that the veils between you and the higher realms that seem prevalent in your Lives and that temporarily convince you physicality is all there is, will be dissolving along with the illusory reality being kept in place by them, and each one of you are helping enormously to bring this change about as you continue to feel purer energies and perceptions in yourselves.

Truly, the effects of humanity’s Light are greater than could be communicated with your Earthly words and if you could have our vantage point of matters occurring in your personal Lives and on the world stage, you would understand that there is absolutely nothing to be in fear, worry or anxiety over because you are truly being looked after.

Humanity’s Trust Put to the Test

Humanity’s willingness to trust perceived “outside forces” will be tested in the time ahead, as the disclosure of our existence is brought forth on your world and you are left to collectively understand that there is so very much happening on your world and off of it that you haven’t been told.

An entire paradigm of secrecy, lies and half-truths is about to be shattered and with it, the aforementioned carefully-instilled complacency and unawareness that has been bred and fed in much of humanity will fade as well.

We do not wish for you dear souls to feel as if you are responsible for the reality you see around you.

Indeed you are in the sense of Creating your realities and allowing complacency to stop you from arising and taking action but again, that very complacency has been anchored unto you quite purposefully and the general unawareness as to the slave-society that has been Created on your world has kept many of you back from understanding that there is so very much more to Life than working away and expending your energy on various jobs that in many cases, do not have much of anything to do with running your world in the manner that an ever-growing number of aware souls on your evolving planet are calling for.

Expanding Upon Awareness & the Cabals’ Decreasing Influence

As you evolve, collectively and individually, awareness is naturally garnered and in the time ahead and currently as we speak to you through channels and scribes, we hope to be able to expand upon this awareness and help you to facilitate it and see it grow in influence into a full-bloomed enlightenment and understanding of how your world is meant to be run – collectively.

Indeed, your world has been run collectively in that a small collective of entities who assume themselves all-powerful because of their mental intelligence and ability to use deceit, lies and trickery to fool others steeped in unawareness have been running your world and have, for centuries, established monarchs and dictatorships that were meant to display their perceived “rein” over humanity.

These souls are finding themselves unable to have much of a say in what is to occur in your immediate future and beyond the containment of the cabal heads and the ongoing negations with their descendants, we are happy to say that the cabals are playing a decreasing role in the future of humanity.

Indeed, it has always been meant to be this way and it has always been known, even by them, that events would eventually reach the conclusion they are now reaching which is again, the disclosure of our existence and the full discussion of our wish to assist you along your evolution as a planet.

Distorted Mainstream Science & Keeping Humanity Unintelligent

Some souls on your world may not feel as if a collective evolution or any evolution of any kind is in your immediate future, and this has in part to do with the fact that you have been lied to concerning the very idea of evolution. Mainstream science on your world has been purposefully distorted, and concrete proof of the ascension of not just your planet, but the entire Universe has long been discovered and suppressed.

This is because the cabals have not wanted to create an intelligent society of free thinkers who understand what is truly happening on your world and in your cosmic backyard. Rather, they have established purposely-failing public educational systems and added ingredients to your food and drinks that are meant to dumb humanity down and keep you feeding dense states of unawareness and egoism.

Your mainstream media only encourages such density, and you dearest souls can see on nearly any channel of your television station that density and lower dimensionality is flaunted and brought to the center stage.

This is because the cabals and the forces who have been employing them only wish to see the density and negativity of the old paradigm enforced and to that extent, have attempted to see to it that humanity is (continually) exposed to such lower dimensionality because of the strength of your Creation power and because of what your continual feeding of density will garner not for you, but for them.

Feeding off of Humanity

Indeed, one of the revelations you will be given concerning the cabals is that they have used the negative and dense energies of humanity to keep themselves sustained energetically.

Allow us to explain, dearest souls. Upon reaching a certain stage of service-to-self behavior, the negativity and selfishness driving such behavior is turned up to incredible extremes, and the soul caught up in such exponential service-to-self and the resulting desire to control as many around them as possible has taken their own feeding of negativity so very far, that they must now feed off of the lower energy of others just to keep themselves sustained.

It is quite similar to how the tax dollars of humanity have been fed into a broken and dying occult financial system that has become far (beyond saving), because of the greed of the souls who established such a system only for themselves and thought themselves able to keep its existence hidden forever.

These souls have been taking the money of humanity in a desperate attempt to keep their dying occult financial system online for just a little bit longer, and in the same avenue they too have been feeding off of humanity’s negativity and the descendants of the cabal heads who are not in containment are finding it much harder to gain sustainability via the energies humanity is putting out, for two different reasons.

One reason is that humanity is beginning to feed negativity less and less as the ascension taking place helps to initiate awakenings in so many souls, and the other reason is that (the cabals’) very ability to feed off of lower energy is decreasing as the planetary vibrations lighten more and more in preparation for the much-purer states of consciousness you are about to enter as a collective.

Disclosure’s Role in Ascension

We have previously discussed certain brazen “shift points’ wherein humanity is to very clearly be initiated into a purer state of consciousness, and we say that while disclosure itself will not solely herald such a major shift point, it will very strongly help each of you to recognize and adjust to different concepts and ideas about your world and that very inner-quest will lead you to the pure states of consciousness so many of you have been looking for and so many others have not yet remembered their full ability to access.

Indeed, every one of you can find an access to the higher realms; to the energies of we Pleiadians speaking with you; to the energies of various other ascended souls who are very adamantly attempting to communicate with humanity at this time; to your higher selves and future selves who have long been giving you advice and guidance along your Life paths; there are so very many souls you can connect with and so many realms waiting just beyond your conscious perception that you can access and feel alike, and even those on your world steeped in temporary unawareness know and can feel this very deep within.

You Will Understand the Good You Have Done

Deep within, each one of you recognizes that you are a sovereign, Divine Godspark who is on the Earth on an ultimate mission of personal and collective growth. So very many of you have purposefully come to this world to answer to the dark forces and the negativity they have been putting out and having humanity feed, and the Light you have been able to shine has done this and so very much more.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we congratulate you as so many others have for the pure Light you have been able to continually shine upon the surface of the Earth.

When reaching an ascended perspective, you will be able to look back upon different facets of your Earth experience and in doing so, you will be able to understand and feel every last bit of good you have done as you evolved from the lower realms of the Earth. We will be in these realms awaiting you, with smiles on our faces and Love in our hearts.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and to SanJAsKa for being their conduit.



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All opinions noted with respect to the Southern Nevada Militia !

Posted by Xaniel777 on April 27, 2013

Due to the outrage of my opinion and to bring about peace I will state the following :

“Your views have been noted with respect. And to keep from insulting others with my opinion I have pulled my comment.”

Understand, that I still hold to my opinion on this matter,

but to show that I respect your views as well, I will honor the request to withdraw the post.

Consider it deleted !~~~Xaniel777




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Reality Shift of ‘ The Power Of The Word ‘ and how it affects our vibrations of existence

Posted by Xaniel777 on March 31, 2013

Despite whatever path you follow, religious, spiritual or none at all,

this information still concerns all of us

and will open your mind to the higher possibilities 

that can be reached if it is applied correctly !~~~Xaniel777


Published/Posted on YouTube Mar 26, 2013 by:

Matt Muckleroy

Matt Muckleroy See his channel here .

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson

    Natalie Glasson

From The Natalie Glasson OmNa School - Channelled Wisdom for Ascension and Spiritual Enlightenment

Archangel Zadkiel — The Power Of The Word — 25 March 2013

Thanks to Wes Annac: http://aquariusparadigm.com/2013/03/26/natalie-glasson-archangel-zadkiel-the-power-of-the-word-25-march-2013/#more-20323

Original: http://omna.co.uk/

Love, Peace, Transformation and Truth are the vibrations that I bring forth through my angelic presence to surround your entire being. I am here with you in this moment to share the angelic vibration of transformation from the seventh ray of light, anchoring these high vibrations as seeds of consciousness into your mind and understanding.

I wish to encourage you to focus more fully upon your language and the words that you express from your being into your reality.

I am an Archangel, holding the angelic vibration of selfless and unconditional love; I am also the embodiment of the seventh ray of light overseen by Lady Portia. The seventh ray of light of a violet colour is assisting and fuelling the ascension process on the Earth and for all of humanity.

The seventh ray of light holds vibrations to aid and support the new era that has dawned on the Earth. Enlightenment, transformation, magic and awakening are some of the qualities represented by the seventh ray of light.

As I channel the energy of the seventh ray of light into your being to support all processes of spiritual transformation and awakening I wish to encourage a new perspective to dawn to accelerate you forward in experiencing greater union with yourself and the Creator.

Please allow yourself to open up to the violet light as you breath its essence deep into your being so that the light may support you in the most appropriate way. As the violet light merges more fully with your being I wish to share with you my consciousness.

It is my focus to bring your attention to the words that you express on a daily basis. The words that you think in your mind, say out loud or sing have a vibration which pulsates like a wave through your physical body and entire energetic bodies.

These words however they are expressed have a powerful influence upon your being. Your body and energetic bodies are constantly vibrating, as light enters into your being the vibration of your body and energetic bodies quickens in speed becoming a purer vibration more aligned with the Creator.

If you then produce negative words in your mind or out loud this can have a lowering effect upon your energetic vibration. As a light worker you may always be focusing upon healing yourself, anchoring more light and calling upon divine assistance to serve your ascension but if you then express words with a lower vibration you are always encouraging an unstable energy vibration which will not support your spiritual growth.

Your words have a powerful influence upon your being because this aspect of your being is connected to your ability of creating and co creating with the Creator. Your words have the ability to shape your reality and even your physical body.

In order to gain a secure and steadily enhancing vibration there is a need to observe the words that you choose to use out loud and within your mind on a daily bases, not only the words but the tone and manner in which you express them to others.

It is time I believe to detox your thoughts and vocabulary so that you may bring greater volumes of light and love into your being through the process of thinking and speaking.

It is important that each expression of any form from your being is deeply loving to yourself and to others. Allow yourself to think in patterns of love and to speak with not only immense love flowing from your heart but each word carefully chosen by you to be of the highest vibration of love.

You may be wondering how to understand whether a word holds a negative vibration or a positive loving vibration. In truth all words and expressions hold the vibration of the Creator and are therefore of a loving vibration but over time humanity has placed emphasis on words interpreting them as negative or positive, therefore creating a vibrational perspective for each.

While these perspectives created by generations could be healed and cleansed it is far easier to focus upon your own spiritual growth and to ensure that negative words and vibrations are eliminated from your being.

Remember that a thought that is only a second in your mind can stay in your auric field eternally unless it is cleansed or released.

As you allow yourself to open your heart chakra, imagining that you are breathing in and out through your heart chakra while also allowing words of love or neutral vibrations to be expressed in your mind and through your voice then you will always be maintaining and developing your energetic vibration.

When I speak of negative words I am focusing upon words that create a negative, judgmental, fearful or destructive tone. Such words and even judgements of self and others can be common place and seen as a way of expression but in truth it is possible to express whatever you wish with the vibration of love and truth.

The more that love is expressed with the mind and through the voice into communication then humanity will notice the manifestation of greater volumes of love on the Earth.

In order to achieve love within the mind and through the voice there is simply a need of first observing your thoughts and observing the vibration and tone of what you are creating, holding in your mind and expressing through your voice.

Then allow yourself to love yourself unconditionally free from judgement, understanding or realising how you can change your wording, language or tone to hold a higher quicker vibration.

It is important not to limit your expression, this may feel as if it is the case to begin with but you will be embarking on a beautiful and new way of expressing yourself while also healing old negative habits of mental judgement or abuse to yourself or others.

With the focus of your words holding power within your vibration, physical being and reality, I wish to introduce you to a chamber upon the inner planes within the seventh ray of light ashram which holds the power of magnification.

It is the Seventh Ray Chamber of Magnification. Many Ascended Masters and light beings visit this chamber in order to gain a magnification of their energies, healing or whatever they may be focusing upon at that time.

I wish to encourage you to visit the Chamber of Magnification during meditation, I advise you to speak words of loving vibrations whether single words or sentences while existing within this chamber in order to magnify the vibration of the words so you may truly feel, see and sense how they truly influence your being.

Not only will you allow yourself to experience the vibrations of the words but you will also heighten your energy vibration and manifest the vibration of the words more fully into your being and reality.

It is a wonderful experience to enhance your understanding of the vibrations of words but it can also be a tool that allows and assists you in magnifying energies within your being in order to aid manifestation.

For example, if you have something that you wish to manifest within your being or reality you can visit the chamber and speak the words in your mind or out loud that you already have what you wish to manifest, focusing on keywords that denote qualities you wish to embody in order to manifest your desire.

This would then enhance the strength of your manifestation allowing you to experience and anchor all that you wish to manifest into your physical body so that you become the vibration and therefore project it into your reality for you to experience fully.

Simply allow yourself to sit peacefully, as you focus on your breathing entering into a deep state of meditation.

Say out loud or internally, ‘I call upon the loving vibration, support and presence of Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Portia to draw close to my being, sharing and anchoring your love, angelic and seventh ray energies into my being.’

Imagine, sense or acknowledge our light surrounding you as you breathe deeply.

Say out loud or internally, ‘I ask Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Portia to transport me to the Chamber of Magnification in the Seventh Ray Ashram, thank you.’

Imagine, acknowledge or sense your presence within the chamber, it is important to breathe in the energies of the chamber realising that every aspect of your being including your thoughts will be magnified.

With your attention upon your thoughts allow yourself to express clear, precise words of a high vibrations or sentences that hold the essence of that which you wish to manifest.

(You may find it valuable for your first visit to write down some words that you wish to use in the chamber or to choose one word that you will focus upon for your time within the chamber.)

Simply focus on breathing in the energy of magnification to fill your entire being while you focus on observing the influence of your words upon your energy vibration, physical and energetic bodies.

This is a wonderful place to experiment and to observe the influence of different words upon your energy vibration.

When you wish to leave the chamber simply ask Lady Portia and I to transport and ground you back into your physical reality.

Let your words be a power within your ascension process.

With Angelic Love,

Archangel Zadkiel


VISIT Natalie Glasson OmNa School

Channelled Wisdom for Ascension and Spiritual Enlightenment



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