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Posted by Xaniel777 on September 26, 2010



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Acceleration of the Universe and the Chakras ~ The Wheels of Life and Evolution

Posted by Xaniel777 on February 12, 2016

MORE GREAT INFO !~~Xaniel777

Explore The Universe Within

The Universe is Accelerating.  The Final Countdown is Nearing the End.
Our universe is energy, light and color; and started approximately 14 billion years ago from a “seed” of energy and light smaller than an atom. This is the Big-Bang discoverd by science, but this Primordial Explosion and Creation was discoverd by Ancient Wisdom thousands of years before Scientific Discoveries.  Also, science tells us that the Universe is flat like a field, and all the planets, stars, galaxies and black holes are moving/rotating on this field with unknown limits.  Ancient Wisdom, way before science, said that the universe is like a tree and is growing from a seed planted by God on a divine plain. From this seed of light, 4.7 billion years ago, earth ~our planet~ appeared, and then we, the people.  The atoms in our bodies are coming from the huge…

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Reality Shift : These are His Words Not Mine! – Misty McGlugritch

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 8, 2015

SOURCE:  These are His Words Not Mine!

{XANIEL’S NOTE: I highly recommend this book to everyone I know and the countless billions I don’t.

I got my copy from Barns and Noble, but you can get yours from the link above.~~Xaniel777 }

Misty McGlugritch


A Creative Reminder Of Noticing Your Maker!

If you think spiritual warfare, miraculous healings, hearing Gods voice and the power of prayer are mere fiction, think again!

Misty McGlugritch a 25-year-old mother of three diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer was instantly healed at a Carman concert after discovering she had the cancer when she heard a voice tell her to watch the 700 Club, a TV show she had never before heard of.

God spoke to Misty in an audible voice telling her “You will not die, you will live, I have things for you to do.”
For many years, God has been using Misty to create unforgettable powerfully moving acronyms that speak to people on issues of today. Her acronyms have been compiled in a lovely book worthy of gift giving.

Each acronym in her book is beautifully illustrated and accompanied with relevant scripture to enlighten, encourage and teach.

A testimony of God’s healing from melanoma at a Carman concert.  [Read the Story]

Testimonials (See what people are saying)

The Word of God

{ But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will. I Corinthians 12:11 (KJV) }

There’s a lot more information at the website. 


 GET YOUR COPY HERE:  These are His Words Not Mine! 



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Lesson’s In Love 7/2/15

Posted by Xaniel777 on July 2, 2015

What a great message!!Xaniel777

Medium Katrina Love

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend and Here we are ready for BBQ and swimming and a great 4th of July weekend.

It is so important to listen to your guides and angels, so I decided to  pull an angel card for us to see what lies ahead for us.  Today we have Archangel Metatron (The Dreamer)!  This shows angels watching over a boy and his dog as he dreams of all possibilities! Unicorns, birds and more! This card is telling us to take that leap of faith and follow your dreams! You just may find unexpected opportunities!  Listen to your own inner guidance about following your dreams. But be open to information from others to help you get ahead.

Archangel Metatron is the overseer of those who
are new to the spiritual path, and to young people

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Reality Shift: Setting intentions before falling asleep and splitting into the astral

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 22, 2015

SOURCE: transients.info

By Laron – June 9, 2015

From time to time I have taught people that they have the ability to focus on a specific intention, just before they fall asleep, and have their astral body carry out that intention while they sleep. One example of the purpose of doing this is for distant healing. With transients.info’s weekly weekend distant healing sessions, people have the choice to not only perform the session outside of the designated time — but also during their sleeping hours from setting a clear intention to do so.

When our physical body slips into the state of sleep, a copy of our consciousness is activated — splitting into the astral frequency — simultaneously to our dreaming physical body. This takes place automatically, but some people can consciously traverse from their waking consciousness into their energetic astral body so they are in complete control of the experience. 

Image source: Flickr

Each one of us is at varying levels of spiritual development. Our level of progression can determine what we are capable of — but also what we do — once we project out of our body, whether we do it consciously, or unconsciously.

This same process can take place when a person reaches a deep state of meditation, and with very advanced souls, they can become aware of each simultaneous part of themselves — in the one moment — consciously.

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Reality Shift: How to Use Affirmations to Manifest Your Desires

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 14, 2015


From Joanne – Psychic medium and light-worker extraordinaire. Join the journey of self discovery.

Updated on August 13, 2011

Zen from 10

Positive Affirmations and Manifesting Your Desires

Affirming is positively expressing in words, thoughts and beliefs what we honestly want, and who we wish to be in our lives. Affirmations are clear, positive thoughts, beliefs, words and phrases that affirm our true wants, wishes and desires. Affirmations and affirming is stating out-loud or writing down and claiming what you truly want – and affirming it. Each affirmation activates your intention and this begins to establish or manifest it into the physical realm.

Our affirmations enter our subconscious mind and have a profound effect on our emotions and feelings, our actions, our day to day activities and choices, and ultimately, our entire lives. Stating affirmations repeatedly allows the subconscious mind to hear and accept what we affirm to be fact. We unconsciously affirm all the time as we consistently repeat thoughts until they become anchored in our minds as embedded beliefs. We make statements again and again until they become our reality.

Declaring and repeating positive affirmations is most powerful as these affirmations enter the subconscious mind to become part of our ‘programming’. The more emphasis and energy we put towards our affirmations, the more embedded they become within our minds and belief system … therefore, to manifest ‘positive’ into your life, you must positively affirm it.

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Reality Shifts: 6 Steps To Successful Manifestation

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 12, 2015


Hi From Joanne. Psychic medium and light-worker extraordinaire. Join the journey of self discovery.

May 7, 2011 

The power that is truly who we are

The steps to manifestation can be a simple yet complex undertaking.  There are numerous variations to the process of manifesting and manifestation, but 6 principles can be Universally applied.  With angelic assistance we are able to greatly amplify the power of our intentions.  A vital part of angelic energy is ‘loving acceptance’.

Because angels exist on a higher level of energy and thought, they are able to help us send our requests, goals and desires in the dimension where thought is creation.

The first step to successful manifestation is our ‘intention’.

We all make a conscious choice to have what we want.  If you are not sure what it is that you really want, take a moment to imagine yourself having or achieving it already.  How does it make you feel?  If you can’t picture or feel what its’ like, then maybe you are not ready for it, or don’t really want it that much after all.  Perhaps you may even think that you can’t have it or don’t deserve it for some reason.

Sometimes we give up wanting something when we believe that we can’t have it.  Although we don’t actually stop wanting it – we just deny ourselves the desire.  This is based upon the fear of disappointment, and the fear of disappointment undermines our intentions. We are afraid that we won’t get (or achieve) what we want, so we give up wanting, and deny ourselves the opportunity to even try.  Feeling ‘unworthy’ can create this fear.

You must really, truly desire what you are affirming with your entire body and soul, mind and spirit.  Our ‘intention’ is the first step to successful manifestation.  Don’t be half-hearted about it.  Your body and soul will not fully resonate with your affirmations as they do not truly reflect who you are and your life path.

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Reality Shift: Meditation Techniques – Remembering Breath

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 8, 2015

SOURCE: Andrew Furst – Author, Buddhist Meditation Teacher, Technologist

yoga man


Let me ask you, “Have you ever enjoyed a nice deep breath?” If you’ve spent anytime in a yoga or meditation class, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If there ever was a magical elixir, a open and deep breath is it.  It’s free and it holds the secret to millions of satisfying moments (you breathe on average about 5 million times a year). It doesn’t require practice, it doesn’t require special training.

Nobody’s an expert and nobody is exempt.  So no excuses, join me now:

  1. Ground yourself.  Let your weight sink down.  Into your chair, your feet, your back, wherever you are and what ever position your in, let your weight, tension and intention flow down.  With  that grounding feel yourself shed the weight of the day.

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